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 10 min
Review and Reinforcement
A review of prior week to reinforce learning and retention.and a quiz to assess their understanding of the previous week’s lesson.

 40 min
Explain and Explore
Students are guided through detailed analysis of the subject material by the tutor. The aim is to break up material so that it can be manageably understood and retained by students.

 30 min
Practice and Performance
A practical session where students are guided on how to answer and offered feedback on their answers.

Students test their mastery of the concepts presented through a short quiz. Real
time feedback is given to identify areas for further practice.

Term course

Potentia term 1 Oct - Dec

Potentia Term 1 

Week 1- Topic 1
Introduction to Economics – The Nature of Economics

Week 2
Introduction to Economics – The Operation of an Economy

Week 3
Economies: their similarities and differences

Week 4
Review Test Topic 1: Introduction to Economics

Week 5 - Topic 2 
Consumers and Business – The Role of Consumers in The Economy, consumer sovereignty, factors influencing customer choice, sources of income

Week 6
Consumers and Business – The role of Business in the Economy, business as a source of economic growth and increased productive capacity, efficiency and the production process, impact of investment, technological change and ethical decision-making on the firm 

Week 7
Review Test – Topic 2: Consumers and Business

Week 8 - Topic 3
Markets – Demand and Supply 1: Demand

Week 9
Markets – Demand and Supply 2: Supply

Week 10
Markets – Demand and Supply 3: Market price

Potentia term 2 Jan - April

Potentia Term 2

Week 1
Markets – Demand and Supply 4: Alternatives to market solutions – the role of government

Week 2
Markets – Demand and Supply 5: Price elasticity of demand, price elasticity of supply

Week 3
Markets – Variation in Competition

Week 4
Review test – Topic 3: Markets

Week 5- Topic 4
Labour Markets – Demand for and supply of labour 1: The demand for labour by individual firms

Week 6
Demand for and supply of labour 2: The supply of labour

Week 7
Demand for and supply of labour 3: The Australian workforce

Week 8
Labour market outcomes 1: Differences in income from work

Week 9
Labour market outcomes 2: Labour market trends
Labour market institutions

Week 10
Review Test – Topic 4: Labour Markets

Potentia term 3 April - July

Potentia Term 3

Week 1- Topic 5
Financial Markets in Australia – Types of financial markets

Week 2
Financial Markets in Australia – Regulation of financial markets

Week 3
Financial Markets in Australia – Borrowers and factors affecting the demand for funds

Week 4
Financial Markets in Australia – Lenders and financial aggregates measured by the RBA

Week 5
Financial Markets in Australia – Interest rates

Week 6
Review test – Topic 5: Financial Markets

Week 7 - Topic 6
Government and the Economy - government intervention in the economy, limitations of the operation of the free market 1

Week 8
Government and the Economy – government intervention in the economy, limitations of the operation of the free market 2

Week 9
The role of government: functions of the three levels of government, Constitutional powers, Size of the public sector
Economic functions of the Australian government 1

Week 10
Economic functions of the Australian government 2

Potentia term 4 July - Sept

Potentia Term 4

Week 1
The role of government: The Federal Budget

Week 2
Influences on government policies in Australia

Week 3
Review Test – Topic 6 Government and the Economy

Week 4
Course revision and summary

Week 5
Examine Economic issues: Topics 1 and 2

Week 6
Examine Economic issues: Topics 3 and 4

Week 7
Examine Economic issues: Topics 5 and 6

Week 8
Preliminary Course examination 1

Week 9
Preliminary Course examination 2

Week 10
Summation and Course review


Improve your mark and rank at school by getting a head start on your subject. Potentia courses are three months (one term) in advance of the school year. Vertical streaming ensures that all students can be extended to their level of ability.


As you achieve success build confidence in your ability. This will help you not just at high school but in your journey of lifelong learning.


Continue to build a solid foundation for your future success both at school and in life. Learning at Potentia helps you to be expert inr your subject which prepares you for post-school learning.