10 min
Review and Reinforcement
A review of prior week to reinforce learning and retention.and a quiz to assess their understanding of the previous week’s lesson.

 40 min
Explain and Explore
Students are guided through detailed analysis of the subject material by the tutor. The aim is to break up material so that it can be manageably understood and retained by students.

 30 min
Practice and Performance
A practical session where students are guided on how to answer math questions
and offered feedback on their answers and working out.

Students test their mastery of the concepts presented through a short quiz. Real
time feedback is given to identify areas for further practice.

Term course

Since we care about getting your child ahead, we teach our classes a term in advance of school to give your child the best opportunity to succeed.

Potentia term 1 Oct - Dec

Potentia Term 1

Lesson 1: Introduction to Pythagoras’ Theorem

Lesson 2: Testing for right-angle triangles

Lesson 3: Pythagorean triads

Lesson 4: Computation with percentages

Lesson 5: The unitary method

Lesson 6: Profit and Loss

Lesson 7: Percentage Discounts and GST

Lesson 8: Algebraic Techniques (1)

Lesson 9: Algebraic Techniques (2)

Lesson 10: Geometrical Figures: Line Symmetry

Potentia term 2 Jan - April

Potentia Term 2

Lesson 1: Geometrical Figures: Sum of Triangles

Lesson 2: Geometrical Figures: Quadrilaterals

Lesson 3: Solving Geometrical problems

Lesson 4: One-step and two-step equations

Lesson 5: Simple quadratic equations

Lesson 6: Formulating linear equations

Lesson 7: Perimeter of composite shapes

Lesson 8: Area of kites and rhombuses

Lesson 9: Drawing prisms

Lesson 10: Volume and Capacity of prisms and cylinders

Potentia term 3 April - July

Potentia Term 3

Lesson 1: Introduction ratios

Lesson 2: Problems involving ratios

Lesson 3: Scale drawings

Lesson 4: Introduction to rates

Lesson 5: Speed and travel graphs

Lesson 6: Introduction to data collection and representation

Lesson 7: Line and bar graphs

Lesson 8: Sector Graphs

Lesson 9: Dot Plots

Lesson 10: Frequency histograms and polygons

Potentia term 4 July - Sept

Potentia Term 4

Lesson 1: Single variable data analysis

Lesson 2: Analysing mean, mode, median and range

Lesson 3: Coordinate Systems and the Cartesian Plane

Lesson 4: Effects of Transformation on Coordinates

Lesson 5: Graphing linear relationships

Lesson 6: Graphic number patterns

Lesson 7: Solving linear equations graphically

Lesson 8: Congruence and transformations

Lesson 9: Tests for Congruent triangles

Lesson 10: Using congruent triangles to solve problems


Improve your mark and rank at school by getting a head start on your subject. Potentia courses are three months (one term) in advance of the school year. Vertical streaming ensures that all students can be extended to their level of ability.


As you achieve success build confidence in your ability. This will help you not just at high school but in your journey of lifelong learning.


Continue to build a solid foundation for your future success both at school and in life. Learning at Potentia helps you to be expert inr your subject which prepares you for post-school learning.

Learning philosophy

Learning materials

Constantly updated to reflect curriculum changes as well as best practice in learning, our materials are uniquely developed by highly trained teachers with many years’ experience.

Expert tutors

From recent HSC high achiever mentors to qualified professional teachers with subject expertise, all our tutors are trained in our unique system.

Continuous tutor training

We’re at the forefront of teaching and learning leadership, continually adapting our programs and approach to ensure the very best educational experience for your child.

Learning software

Enhancing our face-to-face teaching, our leading platform provides additional material to aid learning, as well as online assessment and reporting so we can monitor your child’s progress.

Power sessions

Power Sessions reinforce the concepts explored in our Excel class groups, pairing your child with other high-performers in a small work group to review materials and practice study skills.


We look after the whole child, not just their results. As the only tutoring college working with psychologists, we provide opportunities to learn additional life skills to foster both learning and wellbeing.

Learning Hubs

Designed to optimise your child’s learning experience and provide a safe, welcoming space, our tech-enabled classrooms provide digital screens and interactive digital whiteboards. We also offer quiet study areas, kitchen facilities and free Wi-Fi.

Feedback Loop

Potentia’s proven process of continual improvement draws on current best practice in achieving great performance – proactively supporting your child to unlock their potential.

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