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Your child is not our hobby


As a thank you for trusting us to further your child's education, we're offering you some discounts. 

Now you'll be able to save when enrolling your child for more than one subject and when making any up front payments!

  • 5% for upfront payment
  • 5% for two subjects
  • 10% for three subjects
  • 15% for four or more subjects

The following conditions apply to discounts:

  • Discounts can be added together. For example, if you are paying upfront and also enrolling in two subjects you would receive a 10% discount. This would be 5% for the upfront payment and 5% for the two subjects. 
  • The maximum amount of all discounts added together cannot exceed 20%.
In addition to discounts we also accept Creative Kids vouchers for English, as part of the NSW Government Creative Kids program. Talk to us about using your voucher today. 
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Weekly Payments

We are happy to help with your budget by providing a weekly payment option.