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While tutoring and coaching are actually different, they do overlap. Tutoring involves helping a student to learn concrete skills so they can master a concept or discipline. Coaching, in an academic sense, gives students strategies to help them succeed with their learning goals.
At Potentia we use ‘tutoring’ to refer to a blend of both approaches. We can help your child master concepts in their chosen subject, and also provide them with practical strategies to continue to improve their ability to learn throughout their lives.
Not every child needs or wants tutoring. Here are some common situations we see, where we know tutoring with Potentia will benefit your child:
  • Your child is having some difficulty understanding concepts or coping with school work or homework. Our small group classes are tailored to remove the specific roadblocks that might be preventing your child from achieving their best, and also build their confidence or remove anxiety.
  • Your child wants to improve their performance. Many children want to do better at exam time or in regular assessments, or improve their chances to enter the university degree they want. Tutoring can certainly help them achieve better results – and also improve their self-esteem. Our tailored approach in a small group environment  is ideal for students who want to push their already sound performance a little further. 
The benefits of Potentia’s Learning System go beyond better school performance, although that is our primary goal. Depending on their situation, your child may also:
  • Increase confidence by mastering learning
  • Increase self-esteem through their success
  • Increase self-awareness by understanding how they learn
  • Increase social skills and create supportive friendships by interacting with other students
  • Increase focus and time management skills
  • Improve study skills to improve the effectiveness of study
  • Find a more balanced approach to study, by understanding the importance of making time to be intellectually, emotionally and physically rested
  • Develop a lifelong love of learning
Schools teach the material that your child needs to know to pass exams. However, many schools and teachers are overburdened with large class sizes, expanded responsibilities and programs and resource constraints. 

At Potentia, we can work with small groups of students and without some of the distractions of the school environment. This is, in part, why our learning environment can improve performance. In addition, our passionate tutors, cutting-edge technology and Learning Hub facilities all support your child to unlock their potential.
It is easy to think this because the same subject matter is covered. But the focus and approach is very different. 
We focus on mastering understanding of the concept (rather than memorising or rote learning) so your child gains confidence in their ability. This obviously helps performance in exams, but it is not our whole approach. We also focus on giving your child a range of skills they can draw on into adult life and which will, hopefully, foster a lifelong love of learning.
This is an understandable concern. That’s why we look at the whole student experience to ensure our programs do not add stress at an important part of their development. 
In fact, while tutoring with Potentia does add a time commitment for your child, it is an investment with immediate returns – and one that continues to give back over their life. 
By helping your child learn how to learn more effectively, and how to find balance, we can actually reduce stress and anxiety. 
There are tutors that offer help with homework and if all your child needs is help with a few specific questions, that can be useful. 
But homework help gives answers, not skills. It may treat the symptoms without identifying the cause and ensuring learning foundations are in place for future success. In these cases, homework help will be counter-productive. In other cases, it may be too narrowly-focused to change overall performance. 
Potentia is ideal for children who have:
  • Difficulty understanding certain concepts 
  • Difficulty coping with work from school 
  • Desire to improve their performance 
  • Ambition to master concepts 
  • A need for effective learning skills 
  • A need for better balance or life skills.
Most tutoring centres offer either one on one or group tuition, but not many do both. We believe both can be beneficial, depending on the needs of your child. 
One on one tutoring is most beneficial as part of our Boost Program,  where we aim to help your child fill gaps in their foundation knowledge. Group tutoring is beneficial if your child wants to improve upon an already solid base of knowledge, because it has many other benefits.
Learning is a social process, and involves interpersonal interaction between tutor and student. By including other motivated students in a small group class, your child has the opportunity to learn from peers, share their ideas – and even be exposed to healthy competition which can inspire them to perform even better.  
We are part of Dymocks, a business that has been committed to promoting lifelong learning for over 140 years. But also, unlike many tutoring businesses, our leadership team consists of qualified teachers who are highly experienced in their fields, as well as a trained counsellor and consulting psychologist. Our thoughtful approach is holistic: working with your child to unlock their potential takes more than a focus on academic performance. So we look at all aspects of your child’s abilities and wellbeing, and equip them with life skills to promote a love of lifelong learning.