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How does it work?

With Potentia’s private tutoring program we tailor a program of assistance to your child’s individual needs. This means that there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach. Although each tutoring relationship is different, you can expect us to follow our unique learning approach which will involve:

  Assessment: the first thing we do is work with the student to understand what they would like to achieve from tutoring. At the same time we also seek to understand their current ability and where there is room for improvement.

 Programming: once we have agreed with the student on the goal and areas of improvement, we then map out what we will cover during the term to reach the set goals.

 Mastery: during each weekly tutoring session the student is guided through a relevant concept which they then explore with the tutor. Once they have shown confidence in the concept they are given exercises to practice and develop mastery for that skill.

  Assessment: during the term we will assess progress being made by the student to ensure that goals are being achieved. This also has the benefit of providing positive feedback to the student which improves confidence and in turn further improves performance.

 Review & Celebrate: at the end of the term we review the progress made by the student against goals and identify successes. This is important: identifying where the student has succeeded builds confidence which improves the likelihood that the student will continue to strive to improve. In addition, we also provide feedback to the student on other areas that they may wish to focus to continue improving their performance. 

Grades and subjects for private tutoring

At Potentia we offer tutoring for students from Year 2 to Year 12. 

Tutoring in the Potentia Primary program is focussed on core literacy and numeracy skills. We see these as the keys to building a solid foundation for academic success in later schooling.

In the Potentia High School program, we offer tutoring in the same subjects that are offered in the small group classes. This includes private tuition in English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics (HSC and IB), Legal Studies and Business Studies (HSC and IB).

Who is it for?

Private tutoring is so personalised that it can benefit any student.

  • Those who may need just a little extra attention to understand a subject
  • Those who are performing well but want a little one-on-one coaching to accelerate their progress
  • Those who may find it difficult to learn in a group environment

What is the benefit of private tutoring?

  • Tailored learning program
  • Flexible times
  • The student is the sole focus
  • Homework help

Tutoring pricing

Private Tutoring

Level 1 Tutor University student who received an ATAR above 90 and a Band 6 in the subject being tutored $90/hr
Level 2 Tutor A qualified school teacher who is an expert in the subject area or a university graduate who has a degree in the subject being tutored $125/hr
Level 3 Tutor Highly experienced tutoring with postgraduate qualifications and significant teaching experience. Usually teaches HSC level subjects $150/hr