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Mark Buckland

Mark Buckland - Head of Legal Studies

B.Sc. (Psychology), Dip. Professional Counselling, MBA, LLB (Hons), LLM

As a senior executive at Dymocks, Mark has spent the past 10 years managing businesses, leading change management and setting strategy. He now manages Potentia as part of the broader Dymocks business. With an ATAR equivalent of 99.8 in Year 12, Mark is a qualified lawyer and counsellor, and tutors some of our Business and Legal Studies classes.

Nutchi Chairungavit

Nutchi Chairungavit - English Tutor

B.Teach. / B.A. (Humanities) Majoring English / Society and Culture

Nutchi is a dedicated and experienced educator, achieving results through collaborative learning. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in teaching, with 7 years experience as an English teacher and proven records of commendable performance in Secondary education.

Mohan Dhall

Mohan Dhall - Head of Economics and Business Studies

B Com, Grad Dip Ed, Grad Dip in Workplace Relations, MLS, CoGE, MIML, MACE, MATA

Mohan is an experienced and highly regarded secondary and tertiary teacher who has also trained future teachers at university – including pre-service teachers, experienced teachers and educational managers. He trains Potentia’s tutors to the highest global standards, ensuring they provide the best student experience. Mohan is an author of many textbooks and is also the current CEO of the Australia Tutoring Association (ATA).

Joanna Hung

Joanna Hung - English, Maths, Business Studies and Economics Tutor

B.A. (Languages) / M.Teach. (Secondary)

Currently completing a Masters of Teaching (Secondary Education), Joanna has been tutoring primary and secondary students for more than 6 years. Joanna now tutors with us in subject areas like English, Mathematics, History, Business Studies, Economics, Society and Culture and Studies of Religion. She is also concurrently undertaking studies to become a high school Careers Advisor, adding to her current repertoire! Her approach to learning reflects her holistic approach to teaching: learning and teaching are both transformative and multi-dimensional. 

Phillip Jakimovski

Phillip Jakimovski - Science Tutor

B.Nat.Sc. / M.Teach. (Secondary)

Philip holds a Bachelors degree in Natural Science and is currently completing his Masters in Secondary Education. He has over 2 years of teaching experience, having taught the NSW Syllabus for Science at various schools.

Kavya Mathur

Kavya Mathur - Science Tutor

B.Eng Biomedical (Hons) / B.Med.Sc.

Kavya received an ATAR of 98.05. She is currently an Undergraduate at the University of Sydney, studying Bachelor of Engineering Honours (Biomedical)/ Bachelor of Medical Science Combined degree. Kavya has over two years worth of tutoring experience, teaching students in years 7 – 12 in English, Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics.

Reshmi Pillai

Reshmi Pillai - Maths Tutor

B.Eng. (Electronics) / M.Teach.

Reshmi is currently completing a Master of Teaching and holds a degree in Electronics Engineering. She has lectured at Universities and has over 4 years of local tutoring experience in the fields of Mathematics, Physics and Engineering Studies.

Jeremy Seeto

Jeremy Seeto - Maths and Science Tutor

B.Sc. / M.Teach (Science and Mathematics)

Jeremy is currently completing his Masters of Secondary Teaching in Mathematics and Science. He has over 3 years’ worth experience tutoring secondary students in the fields of Maths and Science.

Christy Tam - English and Math Tutor

Christy is enrolled at Sydney University studying a Bachelor of Psychology. Christy received an ATAR of 98.75 and scored a Band 6 in English Advanced, and Maths Extension 1 and 2.

Tammy Tran

Tammy Tran - Maths Tutor

B.A. / B.Ed (Secondary)

Tammy is currently completing her degree in Education at the University of Technology, Sydney. Achieving Band 6 and E3 in Advanced and Extension I Mathematics, Tammy has since taught at various high schools in the discipline of maths for the last 2 years.

Coco Wang - English, Maths and Economics Tutor

B.Eng. (Civil) / B.Sc.

Recently completing her HSC, Coco achieved an ATAR of 99.25 and placed 2nd in NSW for Advanced English. She is currently an Undergraduate at UNSW, studying Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) / Bachelor of Science.

Matthew Yan

Matthew Yan - Maths Tutor

B.Ec. / B.Sc. (Advanced Mathematics)

Currently completing his Bachelor of Economics at UNSW, Matthew has over 3 years experience in tutoring HSC students. He helps students develop their knowledge and appropriate problem solving skills for mathematics and has taught all levels of maths up to Extension 2.